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The starting point for any targeted marketing plan is to define your target audience. Then you can optimize a direct Not sure who’s your’s are?

To do this you must first understand your product and how to optimize a direct mail campaign. What is it that you provide? How can you help your customers reach their goals? What type of people or businesses can benefit from your product or service?

Knowing exactly what you have, and how your prospective customers will profit from it, is half the battle.

Once you have this figured out you can begin to segment your demographics. What age groups are most likely to use what you are offering? Will their marital status, income or ethnic background make a difference?

Do you need to target your list by geographic location or maybe occupation and industry? Answering these and other relevant questions will enable you to pinpoint your target audience.

The key is to know what you are offering and who will benefit from it.

The more narrowly focused your marketing list, the more effective it will be. This saves you resources while upping the likelihood of maximizing profits.

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