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Studies show that 90% of consumers read less than ten reviews before forming an opinion about a business. That means your chances of making a sale increase with every good review you get.

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But what happens if your business is new? Where can you get the good reviews your business needs? Here are a few ideas that can help:

Provide Amazing Customer Experiences

When a consumer enjoys their experience with your business, they want to share it. So, if you need more positive reviews, start by upgrading your customer service policies.

Bring something special to your customer experience, which could mean free upgrades for loyal patrons, taking criticisms and turning them into positives, hosting special events. At a minimum, employ friendly sales people and allow them to go out of their way to make your customers happy.

Don’t Wait For Reviews – Ask For Them

At the end of each transaction, be sure to ask the customer for a review. Not everyone will have the time to create a review, but if your services exceed their expectations, your customers will be eager to try.

Don’t insist on positive reviews, just make it easy for your customers to deliver their comments and concerns. You can ask them to submit their review on a dedicated page of your website or encourage them to post on a review site like Yelp or Angie’s List. Consider hosting a giveaway to encourage participation.

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Take It to Social Media

Customers who may not be interested in leaving a review can still brag about your services on social media. Capture this audience by creating an online presence for your business and make it easy for them to reach out to you. Creating a business account on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites will allow you to interact with satisfied customers of all ages.

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Show That the Reviews Matter To You

Once people start posting reviews, show them that you’re listening to what they have to say. Display customer testimonials and reviews on your website – either on the home page or a separate review page. You should also consider personally thanking them via email for leaving a review. They’ll appreciate it and will be motivated to review you again in the future.

Respond Quickly To Bad Reviews

The one problem with reviews, however, is that eventually, a negative one will show up. But remember: never lash out at negative reviewers. Reacting defensively on behalf of your company, product, or employees will only add fuel to the fire. Instead, examine the problem and find a way to solve it. And, if you can, work with the unhappy customer to provide a solution.

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Simply put, reviews are an incredible asset for your business in our online world. By paying attention to your customers and providing incentives, you can create some new buzz about your business.


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