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If you wanted to sell to target demographics, you used to have to wait until the higher-ups blessed you with new leads. Now those days are over.

Insurance agents can now step outside the corporate jargon and get leads on their own.

Today, you can individually seek out affordable leads that have been tailored to your desired demographic. Algorithmic targeting has revolutionized lead generation by giving you leads that are specifically formulated from criteria that you have set.

What Are the Best Criteria Discovered in an Insurance Lead List today?

1) X sale dates – An x-date lead – or expiration date lead – is a homeowners or auto insurance lead that is often within three months from policy expiration.

X-date leads are valuable because they equip you with an advantage over other sales professionals. You will have contact with the customer before their policy nears expiration and they become “hot leads.”

In an industry where being first to the doorstep has its advantages, having access to x-date lead generation can give you a competitive edge in your company by increasing your sales numbers.


2) Location-directed referral leads – Your sales do not exist in a vacuum. Use past sales to market yourself in future ones.

If you have an address of someone you have a mutual trust and respect for after making made a good faith deal, then you have more leads than you may know.

Find the address of the person whose policy you designed so well that she was ecstatic. Generate a lead list that reflects addresses in the same neighborhood or school zone. Your previous client might pass the word on to friends and family when they see you in their neighborhood again.

3) Life triggers – Most people buy insurance policies when they need it.

If you are new parents, it may be time to buy a life insurance policy. If you are aging, you may need a supplemental health package. If you are a newly married couple, you may need auto, home, and life, – all within a year or two from your first insurance purchase.

When you have something worth losing, you have something worth protecting.

These life triggers are reminders that we do have things worth protecting. Rather than solely looking at job title and income, look for those who are ready to make commitments for their future.

Unlike before, you no longer have to buy batches of leads. You can now specify a quantity, thus assuring quality. There are affordable services that process targeted leads just for you.

Show up to the office confident that you can and will outsell the majority with leads that are generated for you and by you.



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