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You will find that your marketing time and budget will be streamlined with the Haines Criss + Cross Directory.

For over 80 years, the Criss + Cross Directory has played a large part in producing leads and revenue for companies and nonprofits marketing to homeowners and businesses. This directory has taken on many names over the years: cross-reference directory, reverse directory, blue or gray book, and, of course, the Criss+Cross Directory.

Here’s how you can use the reverse directory to search people

Here’s an explanation between the difference between a criss-cross directory and a city directory

Some directories will differ in features and content, but all contain a minimum of two basic sections: street address listings (Addressakey) and numerical telephone listings (Telokey). This information is compiled from telephone company records, census data, tax authorities and other public records. These directories are widely recognized for containing the most accurate and comprehensive information on the market.

Once only available in book form, the directories are now also available on CD/DVD and through online databases, providing users with enhanced search, printing and marketing capabilities. Printed directories are updated annually, CDs/DVDs quarterly, and online databases monthly.

Criss+Cross Directories provide the highest quality business and consumer information available. What business wouldn’t want access to thousands of accurate and up-to-date addresses and telephone numbers for targeted marketing campaigns?  The directory makes finding new customers easy.

So if you would like to do a mailing to homeowners or businesses or have your telemarketing team drum up some business, the Criss+Cross Directory makes a smart and economical solution.

Haines Property Connect has a dedicated Customer Success team with sincere and beneficial support to assist any and all questions you may have. Feel free to contact us at any time!

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