By |Published On: November 3, 2014|

A recent study had revealed the ugly truth: Consumers use their smartphones to decide what to buy and where to buy it.

According to the study, the rise of mobile is breathing new life into offline conversations.

Offline conversations? Oh, that’s just marketing jargon for phone calls and store visits.

… nearly two-thirds (64%) of mobile-driven purchases happen offline.

That’s not all retail-based. While consumers use mobile devices to find products to buy and places to eat, they also use them to call service providers for more information, get quotes, and schedule appointments.

From plumbers and pest control to pizza and hair salons, a call is one of the most common secondary actions after a search query or ad click.

Some consumers find a business in their phone book and call them. Other consumers find a business on their phone and call them. Same behavior, different medium.

So explain to me again why still don’t have a website?

50% of consumers reach for their smartphones when they need a local business. Will they find yours when they do? Contact us today.


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