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The Perfect Way to Stash Insurance Sale Leads

Even the best insurance salesperson experiences slow periods and other difficulties. The smarter salesperson combats adversity by being proactive and not reactive.

Not so fast, Sales Leader! Let’s think before we act:

You might be tempted to just do something when sales are slow and the leads are dry. Yet, doing something does not always mean doing something right. You could face issues with lead subscriptions. Salespeople, however, are not in the dark.

As the consumer market becomes stratified and algorithms become problem solvers, there is no reason to pay for lists that usually match one or two basic criteria points. If you really want to increase sales, you need something better than that.

The answer is two-fold: buying leads in quantities that you want at that time and buying leads that are more specific to your field.

Why Should You Choose an Online Portal That Allows You to Buy Leads Rather Than Use a Subscription?

The new, emerging leaders in online sales lead portals have mastered algorithmic list generation.

How is that field specific? How does that meet your goal?

If you are selling insurance, you need a list of people who have insurance running out within their next three months (their “X Date”).

These leads are actively shopping for insurance. If you are selling life insurance, you may want a list of new homeowners who now have assets to protect and to pass down.


When buying smaller quantities of leads, the leads you buy will be more specifically suited towards your goal. It’s a numbers game that you can absolutely win.

If a subscription service owes you 200 new leads next month, they must provide them. So if you’ve already paid for the best 200 they had months ago, they will provide you with lesser leads to fulfill the contract.

You will benefit more from a portal that allows the lead company to regenerate them based upon more specific classifications. What you wanted last month may be different from what you want this month. The leads created are ones created specifically for you.

Avoid the common problems that may occur when companies pay for large lead lists and then distribute them randomly.

Entrepreneur magazine estimated that 90 percent of leads sent to sales persons are never acted upon. They point to two reasons:

  • The lead is given to the wrong person – or someone unequipped to engage this specific lead, and…
  • The lead isn’t ready to engage with the salesperson because the list doesn’t filter for leads who are ready to make major life-changing decisions.

The next time your co-workers or company suggest that you embark on a list of subscription leads, look at another option. Use an online portal that will generate better leads for you in quantity and quality. Be one step ahead instead in your own industry.


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