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From PRWeb: The Haines Broome and Tioga Counties phone book is currently being distributed to 130,000 homes, businesses and institutions.

Why in the age of smartphones and the Internet do we still publish phone books? Because people use them. Haines knows this!

Yes, despite what you may have heard, Yellow Page usage remains strong, especially in the rural and suburban areas we serve.

According to the 2014 ADP Ad Effectiveness Study:

  • Calls to businesses from print ads increased 28% between 2010 and 2013
  • The median number of calls per year from an advertiser’s print ad was 197, at a cost per call of $15.50
  • The typical independent Yellow Pages advertiser experienced $81,700 in sales generated from a print ad investment of $3,280—which breaks down to $24.91 in sales for every dollar spent on their ad

The “Surprising ROI” of One Company’s Yellow Page Ad

A company in the apparel industry ran a Yellow Page ad that received 2,196 calls, leading to 1,931 purchases totaling $162,559—in three months.

At a cost of $10,000 for the campaign, that’s a 1,525 percent return on their investment.

Tell me again how Yellow Page advertising doesn’t work.

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