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Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of getting traffic from the organic or natural listings on search engines.

Organic search results

Unfortunately, most web searchers don’t click past the first two pages of search results. That means you need to appear as high in the search results as possible.

Landing on Page One of Google can mean a 1000-fold increase in website traffic, resulting in more sales, revenue and profit for your business.

SEO has been around more than a decade. Yet, the industry and its practices remain shrouded in mystery. Which is why you can pay a search engine optimization firm hundreds (or thousands) of dollars and a year later, find yourself wondering, did I just throw all my money away?

A basic understanding of search engine optimization can help you avoid that scenario.

While the technical aspects are complex, its concept is surprisingly simple. Here’s a video does as good a job of demystifying the topic as any.



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