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Solar power has become an increasingly popular option for homeowners and businesses in recent years. While this industry provides numerous exciting opportunities for sales professionals, finding viable solar leads can still be a challenge. Agents that sell solar power may have difficulty identifying the neighborhoods, businesses, and property owners that are most likely to invest in solar panels and alternative energy.

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How do we do it?

With Haines Criss+Cross™, though, agents can find compelling prospects and generate more leads. It’s an innovative online property database that allows users to access key property and homeowner information.

    • Its searchable database contains detailed property and homeowner information on every residential and commercial property in your market.
    • Find new property owners and individuals looking to increase the value of their residence.
    • Connect with first-time homeowners and business leaders receptive to solar power.
    • Leverage previous successes by identifying growing and thriving neighborhoods in your target area.
    • Access up-to-date lead contact information.
    • Sort properties by value and location.
    • Find leads with expendable income.


Identify property owners and business leaders based on property value and location.

Includes Cell & Email for Homeowners and Renters

Perform searches for owners with multiple properties.

+ Target properties based on selling price and value.

+ Expand your map and locate booming neighborhoods and districts.

+ Develop relationships with individuals who own multiple properties.

+ Market and prospect your services with greater efficiency.

+ Send mailers to the surrounding neighborhood for a job you just completed in the area.

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Find More Solar Leads with Haines

Over the next few years, thousands of homeowners and businesses will invest in solar power for the first time. How can you turn these people into solar leads for your business? Thanks to Haines Criss+Cross™, you can find and connect with these property owners with ease. With Haines Directory sales professionals can canvas areas quickly, identify quality leads, and increase their sales conversion rates. Radius, polygon & street search are all available, where you can target around job sites. Plus, our platform promotes business growth and helps growing companies explore new markets and demographics with confidence.

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