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Marketing postcards can be an effective way to encourage former clients to keep you in mind when they need your services and help establish your brand with potential customers.

The main problems business owners run into, when trying to get a positive ROI from an ongoing postcard marketing campaign, are that the postcards are either sent too frequently, or not frequently enough.

When to Send Postcards

When you have a big promotion coming up, a postcard mailer can help you get more people through your door or calling your phone.

Sending off a regular postcard every 3-4 months can also keep your company at the forefront of a customer’s mind, without them feeling like you are sending junk mail.


Industry Frequency

The industry your business operates in can help determine how often you should be sending out postcards.

Insurance professionals may want to wait six months between mailings (when most people’s insurance policies are renewed), while an HVAC contractor can send out postcards 5-6 times a year with a message tailored to the season.

Nailing down the right length of time between mailings is essential if you want to get the most from your advertising budget.

While businesses in certain industries can get away with sending physical mail every couple of months, other businesses would be better off putting several months between mailings.

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