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If you’re out looking to invest in a sales lead generator, you need to make sure it’s genuine. Here are some steps to make sure you don’t waste your money:First of all, unrealized expectations and wasted dollars can be the crux of misspent finances, effort, time, energy, and labor.

When leads do not pan out due to a difficult economic situation or a tenuous geopolitical environment, you can chalk it up to signs of the times. When the leads are bad, a salesperson cannot get out of the box.

If a database has been poorly maintained or is rarely updated over time, your company will be the one paying for it in lost resources.

Undeliverable addresses (literal or email), duplicates, and returned mail can result in thousands of dollars in lost revenue, wasted time, and misused labor hours.

The final result may be the worst effect of a lax lead system – a severe lack of responses that sharply impacts your bottom line and the projections by which you chart the future course of the company.

The Importance of Data Hygiene to Your Company’s Future

Data hygiene, the effective usability of your databases and leads, is a major factor in the future success of sales-based businesses.

More than 43 million U.S. residents relocate annually. A company that cannot depend on the source of their databases and leads to keep accurate, up-to-date contacts is a company that starts a step behind those that do demand accuracy.

Lost target customers are lost potential income. If they cannot see your message, they cannot respond to your message in a meaningful way.

Data cleansing (also known as data cleaning or data scrubbing is the process by which corrupt or inaccurate information is detected and either corrected or removed from a database or list.)

A sales company cannot be expected to undertake this project within one department.

It’s a complex set of systems, processes, and software maneuvers that should be done by a firm that specializes in data hygiene and data cleansing full-time. They should also have experience in data validation, the rejecting of bad data at the point of entry rather than through batches.

Effective data should be a number of things: valid, cleansed, accurate, complete, consistent and uniform. You should be able to engage in your planned campaigns without a fear that the data is compromised or inaccurate.


The Advantages of Partnering with a Data Hygiene Service

A direct mail campaign depends on a data hygiene service that will be synonymous with cost savings and improved results. A firm specializing is data hygiene can assist you in vital ways:

  • They can help you increase mailing deliverability.
  • They assimilate to your state and federal guidelines.
  • You will lessen the amount you spend on wasted postage.
  • You will turn your databases and lead lists into more efficient, effective, and powerful tools that will lead you to maximizing your revenue generation potential.

How Can I Make Sure My Sales Leads are Genuine?

A good, independent data hygiene company is one that has found out-of-the-box, innovative, industry-changing ways to resolve the problems that plague the current state of data hygiene.

They have developed ways to accurately add new records, update existing records, and remove duplications from files and lists.

A firm that works with you is also one that will customize their processes to meet your specifications. They will see your partnership as an investment, both in your business and in you. Your experiences will aid them in becoming a further innovator and industry-leader, and you will see an increase in value per labor hour.

Sales can be a high-anxiety, difficult field. Every contact matters. Let a data hygiene firm take one important potential concern off your plate so that you can sell with confidence.


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