By |Published On: May 27, 2016|

Retargeting is a way to bring visitors back to your website once they’ve left without taking action.

Here’s a real example of retargeting in action. I’m guessing you’ve never visited But I’m on it almost daily.

The other day, while using it to check the proper title capitalization for an article I was writing, I was reminded of two products I’d recently searched for—a lawn mower and a cell plan (both for my son).

Retargeting in Action

Because I’d visited, and, retargeting technology was able to place ads on the site I was currently on, reminding me of my interest in those products.

Retargeting isn’t Just for eCommerce

Local consumers search online for services like dentists, contractors, insurance agents, landscapers and more. Yet, 98% of them leave without calling or contacting the business—oftentimes because they got distracted. Retargeting is an effective tactic to bring them back and boost your bottom line.

In case you’re wondering—yes, I did buy the mower (from my local Lowe’s store, not online) and I ordered the SIM card for the StraightTalk data plan.

Retargeting won’t work if consumers can’t find you in the first place. Don’t forget to download our free ebook and learn how to be found by local consumers.


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