Criss + Cross How-to Videos

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Full Demo/Refresher Video with Stacy Calhoun

Everything You Need to Know About SAN Numbers

Polygon Search | Pull Data in Map Boundaries

Street Search | How to Pull Data By Street

Radius Search | How to Pull Data in a General Area

How to Use Haines Criss+Cross for Telemarketing

How to Automatically Print Labels with Haines Criss+Cross Data

Haines Criss+Cross Zip Code Search – How to Pull Bulk Data

Mail Merge – Automatically Customize Mailers with Haines C+C Data

Haines Criss+Cross Upload Tab – How to Enhance your Partial Data

Haines Criss+Cross Directory – How to Reverse Lookup Information

How to Target First-Time Home Buyers with Criss+Cross

How to Dominate Your Geographic Farm with Criss+Cross

Find Better Home Improvement Leads with Haines Criss+Cross™