The export limit resets on the 1st day of each calendar month.

No, an active email address is required for each account.

No, each account requires a unique email address to access Property Connect.

Login & scroll to the very bottom where it says Data Currency, here you can preview all of the counties you have access to.

Assessor Data is updated once a year. Sales & mortgage information is continuously being updated and is typically 4-6 weeks behind the recording date depending on the city/county.

Data Currency allows you to preview the most recent update for sale & mortgage information.

Yes, 90 minutes from the last time you were active within the system.

Yes, go to Profile & Settings, it will default to the Branding Preferences page where you can update all of personal information, upload a photo or logo and check the box, “Add my branding to reports”.
Note: The fields listed such as Name, Company Name, etc. are just suggestions.  Please feel free to update those fields with information that is most relevant for you & your business in order of importance.

Downloading records into a CSV or labels will count against your monthly limit. Overall searches & lookups are unlimited and will NOT county against your monthly limit.

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