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If you’re a real estate agent, choosing how you get leads is imperative. That’s why it’s so important to get the best criteria.The creation of a lead list has changed almost as much as the means by which they are acquired.

The Era of Technology has brought about ways to specify the targeted demographics in ways that were unheard of just decades ago. A simple algorithm can parse and prioritize a list of information so that you not only acquire a list you want, but you can define the list you want.

Gone are the days when you would acquire a perforated printout of a list of doctors or a file with lists of law students.

Today, you can specify everything from the obvious factors (i.e. income) to the less obvious (i.e. duration of rental lease remaining). Still yet, all criteria are not created equal. Some still have more value than others.

What Have Been the Best Criteria Discovered in a Real Estate Lead Lists Today?

Duration of Lease Remaining (Months / Years)

Renters with soon-to-be-expiring leases can make incredible potential leads for home ownership.

Renting has its own set of inherent issues. From sharing a wall with a chronically loud family to never feeling like you are home, renting is temporary.

If you could find out that a renter’s lease is up in three or six months, he or she would be a great candidate for a home.


FSBO (for Sale by Owner) Homes

If someone is willing to go through the process of selling a home alone, they could definitely use the professional expertise of a real estate agent.

This will especially be the case for the FSBO that has sat on the market for an extended period of time.

A real estate professional brings a diverse set of real estate experiences and sales to the table. They can assist with marketing, they can advise you on increasing value, they can be a more active conduit between the home and prospective buyers.

A FSBO property is one in need of an agent.

Show Comparable Properties

When a computer can generate comparable properties that can be shown, you give your buyer options.

People innately like to make choices, to choose between things. What used to be a “Let me think…” is now an instantaneous computer-generated list of comparable prices with pictures, facts about the home, an architectural sketch, and a video walk-through.

Candidates with No Mortgage

Candidates with no current mortgage could be on the market for another home, a vacation home, a home to rent, or a home for elderly aging family.

With a track record of having been pre-approved for loans through a local lending institution, those who are owners but no longer have a mortgage may be open to expanding their real estate holdings.

Property in Multiple States

If someone is living in Illinois but own property in Florida, they may be seeking a property management service.

They will be responsible for the management and maintenance of a physical building or property. They may be charged with tenant applications, managing the budget for the property, or collecting rent.

They can take the emergency calls, manage renovations, schedule and oversee maintenance, and inspect the property on a timely basis. They can be there when the owner is not.

Discovering a series of likely responsive leads is what a real estate professional needs.

Leads like these are now available to you.

Companies that parse information and create custom lists in seconds will be your partner in this periodically complicated process. Find a company armed with millions of pieces of information available to them for parsing. Make your time, effort, and skills count.


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