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Financial advisors are often only as good as their investors or prospective investors. But what information (besides income) do they need to find the best prospects?

Whenever an account has a healthy contribution and clear goals, an advisor has more room to do what they do best – create a specific, contributor-based plan for the future financial health of the contributor’s life.

It’s clear that important information for financial advisors may be better than those less important factors often used for identifying candidates.

What kind of indicators may signal a prospect that a financial advisor would want to target?

The Accumulators

Hearts & Wallets defines the Accumulators as being mid to late career investors.

Most range in age from 28 to 64 and do not consider themselves to be pre-retirees. They believe in a constant build.

The Golden Decades

According to, more than half of investors are over 45 years old.

The forties are the beginning of the “golden decades” of investing. A financial advisor should target those investors who become more financially aware of both their responsibilities and their mortality in their forties.

The Under Thirty

Money Under 30 reports that most investors cannot afford to work with a client who has under $100,000 in investments. There is a trend arising in the financial investment community based upon financial track projection rather than hard investment.

However, small firms and individuals target much smaller clients in order to prove success early on, in hopes to have the client stay abroad for a lifetime.

Sometimes it may seem that client targeting is more art than science.

With a few key factors such as the size of your firm, your financial strategy based upon age groups, and what the goals of the client is, you can make sure to target your marketing to the appropriate prospects.


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