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You see them at every open house. The nosy neighbor. They blatantly walk over from the house next door. They talk about the house’s repairs and renovations in a loud whisper. They’ll pick apart the interior design, the floor plan, and what they could have done better. And the longer they stay, the more your hackles go up.

But as aggravating as these gawkers are, you should love them. And here’s why:

They Prove That the Neighborhood Is a Good One

When you think of ‘Home’, you think of a place that is warm and welcoming. But more than that, you think of people who are as invested in your safety as you are in theirs.

So while the nosy neighbors might annoy you, your buyers might see their presence differently. Moms might see them as a sign that the neighborhood watch is strong. Older buyers might be encouraged by the sight of neighbors who are looking out for each other. 

Admittedly, neighbors that are incredibly aggravating aren’t going to encourage anyone to buy. But the local busybody might be someone who has a genuine investment in their neighborhood. So don’t get huffy with the neighbors—they might help you land a potential client.


They Increase Curb Appeal

When a new restaurant has lines around the block, people will change their plans just to see what the fuss is about. The same is true for homebuyers. Curb appeal is a huge part of selling a house, which is why so many listings have manicured lawns.

But in order to stand out, you need to do something more. Which is why those nosy neighbors can help you. When potential buyers drive by your open house, they’ll see a crowd of people. A crowd of people they won’t know enough to dismiss as local busybodies.

With enough neighbors at your open house, you can get even the most casual buyer to come in and see what they’re missing.

They Have Home-Buying Friends and Family

That nosy neighbor may not want to buy the place, but just like everyone else who walks into an open house, they may know someone who will.

There are countless unseen leads in your listing’s neighborhood that haven’t reached out to you yet. And a good word from a close friend might be the thing that sends them your way.

So treat those nosy neighbors like any other good lead. Ask questions about what they’re looking for. Make sure they fill out a sign-in sheet before they start wandering around.

You might even consider holding a neighbors-only open house to answer questions and drum up interest. Do whatever you can to get the neighbors to think of you as a resource. And make it easy for every neighbor—even the nosy ones—to refer you to their friends and families.

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