By |Published On: September 22, 2015|

Want to Grow Your Business? Need More Customers? Want to Increase Revenue? Easy answers – Yes, Yes and Yes. Of course you do, every business owner and sales manager does. There’s an easy way to target your best prospects and to manage your small to medium direct mail marketing programs right from your desktop! TargetNeighbors

No need to order thousands of mail pieces and spend a large portion of your marketing budget on postage only to deliver your message to an audience where most have no need of or interest in your product or services. TargetNeighbors allows you to be specific and deliver targeted messages one time or many times to those who have the best chance of needing your expertise.

The days of “broadcast” marketing to many and hoping you get lucky are gone. Take a more systematic approach, reach out to your best candidates, and spend your marketing dollars wisely.

TargetNeighbors is a simple, flexible, and affordable solution to your direct mail marketing headache. You select your best prospects, customize your mail piece, place your order, and we do the rest.

Imagine building your business with more quality customers, just like targeting the neighbors around an address where you are currently working. TargetNeighbors is the easy way to get it started and get it done!

Target Neighbors is a new, user-friendly, web-based direct-mail tool that delivers impressive, professionally designed postcards to your best prospects in quantities as small as 50 pieces one-time or as often as you wish.

Forget the headaches and expense of mailing to hundreds or even thousands of addresses that may not want your products or services. Your time is valuable and so is your money. Don’t waste either; Target the neighbors or neighborhoods of your current or past customers. Keep it super simple by selecting a radius around your target address, or be more precise by drawing on the map (polygon) just the area to include in your marketing campaign. It’s your choice. Be creative with TargetNeighbors, you’re the boss!

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