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Since 1932, Haines has been in the business of connecting buyers to sellers—starting with our renowned Criss+Cross® Directories, to our full-service direct mail house, and nearly 1 million Yellow Page directories distributed in 30 counties throughout Central Ohio and New York.

Today, we continue to connect buyers and sellers through print, Internet, and mobile marketing solutions such as web designsocial media, Internet Yellow Pages and local search marketing.

In a recent study, 69 percent of small businesses owners said attracting new customers is the number one challenge they face. Having gone through a Depression, wars, and numerous recessions, we know first-hand how tough it is for a small business to survive—much less thrive—in today’s economy.

That’s why over 12,000 businesses and organizations across the nation rely on the Haines name for their advertising and marketing needs. In 2011, we generated 42,101 phone calls for our print advertisers alone.* Imagine what we could do for you.

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*Based on 2011 call tracking data


Company History

Haines Local Search is a subsidiary of Haines & Company, producers of the popular Criss+Cross® Directory, first published in 1932. From there, we launched our direct mail division in 1970 …

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