V4i Frequently Asked Questions
Can I search by interest rate?
No, we currently do not have interest rates.
Is there a way I can search by my own address list?
Yes, V4i has an upload feature that is capable of uploading a file that contains an address list. Click the Address tab and Address button, then click the brown arrow that is pointing up at the top of the page, and follow the instructions.
How can I find out the date my monthly parcel limit renews?
Log onto V4i and click on My Account. There you will see your billing date.
How can I find out how many of my monthly parcels I have used?
Log onto V4i, click on My Account, and click on the Usage tab.
How can I tell how current the data is?
Log onto V4i, choose a State, and choose a county. On the top of the page you will see “Current Licensed Area: County, ST”, click on the County, ST and the program will display all the pertinent dates for that county’s data.
If my search results are greater than the 7500 record limitation on exporting and printing is there a way I can export and or print all of the records?
Yes, the easiest way is to purchase prepaid parcels by clicking the link in the message box that will pop up as a notice that you have exceeded your limitation. A second method would be to click on My Account, click the Prepay tab, and purchasing any number of prepaid parcels in increments of 1000. Another option would be to follow these steps:



  1. Create a new tag- Click on My Account click on the Tags tab, click the tag icon that will say “Create new tag”, type in a name for the tag in the Name box, select a color for the tag, click the save button on the bottom, and click the Back to Results link.
  2. Click on Record Selection, hit the drop down and click Select Range, type in 1 to 7500, click Update.
  3. Go ahead and export or print the 7500 records.
  4. Click on Record Selection, hit the drop down and click Clear Selected, click Update.
  5. Click Record Selection, hit the drop down and click Select Range, type in 7501 to (whatever the last record is), click update.
  6. Click Tag Selected Records, click the green + sign beside the desired tag to Tag Parcels, and Log Out.
  7. Log In the same State and County, click on Search By Tag, select the tag that was used to tag the selected records in the last step, and then click Search. This will bring up all the left over records from the original search that was over the 7500 limitation. From here you can either print or export the remaining parcels or *repeat the process if the record count is still over 7500.

*If you are using a base account (your username begins with a b) and the tagged records are over 7500, use the record selection on the preview page and only select 7500 records to view. You will then log out to reset the 7500 limitation, log back in, search by the same tag, and use record selection beginning with 7501.

Can I email reports from your program?
Yes.  The reports are in a PDF format. They can be saved and attached to an email message.
Can I save the criteria that I normally search by?
Yes. Click on “Save Criteria” located the Address Tab.
Can I print just one page of labels?
Yes. Click print and select the page range in the print window.
Can I print the labels at a later time?
Yes. You must first save the PDF file. If you do not save the file, the search will have to be performed again.
My labels are not aligning correctly. What am I doing wrong?
You must change the Page Scaling to None in the print window.
Can I make my new Field Set open automatically?
Yes. You can select the default Field Set in the Preferences Tab located in My Account.
Do I have to scroll through the entire list to find the SIC that I want?
No. You can open the SIC codes list and do a ctrl “F” to search on a word.
Can I process a batch file in your program?
Yes. You can upload Address or Phone lists only.
How many records can I upload from my batch file?
It is suggested that you limit your upload to approximately 200 records.
How do I upload an Address List?
Select a list of addresses to upload. The file should be comma-delimited, with either four fields per line in the following order: House Number, Street, City, 5-Digit Zip or alternatively, three fields per line: House and Street, City, 5-Digit Zip.
How do I upload a Phone List?
Select a list of phone numbers to upload. You can populate the listbox in the main window by selecting a file located on your computer. The file should contain a comma-delimited list of values. Multiple lines of values are allowed.
How can I get just the ones with phone numbers?
Under the general tab you will find phone. You want to say yes to phone available. This will limit your results to just the ones that have phone numbers.
How can I select only 7500 and then come back and get the rest of my results?
Before you start with your results, save your criteria. Then on the results preview page, select range, 1 to 7500, after you export or print log off. When you log back in select you’re saved criteria, click the search button, and then select your next 7500. Start with 7501 to…
Still Need Help?

If you don’t find the answers to your questions here, Haines Technical Support can be reached by calling (330) 494-9111, or by filling out the support form.