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Our Philosophy: Hope Is Not a Strategy in Nonprofit Direct Marketing

Haines Direct is a dedicated direct marketing company committed to helping our nonprofit clients achieve their financial goals on every campaign. We analyze our clients’ current and past programs, goals and needs to find areas of opportunity and new directions to explore.

We do not believe in cookie-cutter direct mail. Instead, every program is customized to each client’s specific needs. It is only after we have scrutinized every detail do we begin to develop the winning strategy that will achieve and exceed your goals.

We know we can’t deliver a winning strategy without the help of our client. This is why we assist our clients in reviewing all aspects of their new program to make sure the messages are donor centered, including acknowledgements, new donor welcome packages, and newsletters.

Our work is never done. We are committed to continually improving our clients’ programs and fundraising by analyzing campaign results and tracking donor movement through their databases. We revise our strategies and fine tune our appeals based on our findings, as well as industry fundraising trends.

It is our belief that you should never hope that your mailing is successful. By teaming with Haines Direct, you never will.

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Our Team

Formerly Americalist, Haines Direct grew out of the need to provide direct mail services to nonprofit organizations. The most rapidly growing division within the Haines & Company family, the Haines Direct Team draws from all resources to provide clients targeted direct mail designed to grow both donors and revenue.

With a full team of designers, copywriters and production positions, our in-house printing and mailing services allow us to give unprecedented quality service.

Our Fundraising Partners

We specialize in partnering with food banks, gospel rescue missions, Boy Scout councils, animal organizations and other nonprofits across the country to help them improve their direct mail results.

The key word above is partnering. When we work with a client we want to understand how direct mail fits into their overall fundraising program. Then we develop strategies that will best fit their needs, while communicating effectively with their donors.

Our Nonprofit Direct Mail Fundraising Resources

Haines Direct is more than a Direct marketing Company, we are here to help our partners understand all the resources that are available to help with fundraising. As such we are members of the following associations:

Our Fundraising Campaigns

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Our History in Nonprofit Direct Marketing

Haines Direct is a subsidiary of Haines & Company, producers of the popular Criss+Cross® Directory, first published in 1932. From there, we launched our direct mail division in 1970, followed by our fundraising services division, and our local search division in 1993.

The company’s executive headquarters and production facilities are housed in North Canton, OH. Here, our team of programmers, print technicians, mailing specialists, graphic and web designers, copywriters, marketing strategists, database experts, and customer service representatives fulfill the needs of our varied clientele.

Now in its fourth generation of family ownership, Haines continues to offer innovative, cutting-edge solutions for businesses and nonprofits in an ever-changing marketplace.

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