Digital Marketing

Haines Direct can integrate online marketing into your direct mail campaign to reach a wider audience.

Display Advertising

Our ad network lets you target potential donors by demographic or geography by placing display ads across thousands of high-brand, high-traffic websites that reach over 92% of the online audience.

Facebook Advertising

The nature of Facebook offers unique targeting options not available in other form of advertising:

  • Target people and their friends who already like your Page
  • Target your existing customers or website visitors by creating a Custom Audience using a customer contact list or your website traffic
  • Target people similar to your best donors using Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences

Google Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising places your message on the top or right side of the search engine results page.

AdWords is Google’s paid search marketing program. Our team of Google-certified experts have extensive experience setting up, managing, and optimizing Google AdWords campaigns.

Did you know? Google Ad Grants gives up to $10,000 of in-kind AdWords advertising every month to eligible non-profits.


98% of visitors leave a website without taking action. Retargeting brings them back by continuing to advertise your message to them as they surf the web. Here’s how:

  1. A prospective donor visits your website or donation page, but leaves without taking action
  2. As he or she visits other websites within the ad network, your display ad appears on the top or along the side
  3. Visitor sees your ad and is reminded of his previous interest, and has the opportunity to return to your site


People who empathize with your organization’s mission are more likely to give. Video is a powerful medium to make that emotional connection with personal success stories.

Our digital production team has produced over 1,100 videos for satisfied clients.

Email Marketing

Email marketing educates supporters about your cause, builds rapport with donors and helps you reach fundraising goals.

IP Targeting

IP Targeting lets you send online banner ads to the same people who receive your direct mail appeal letter. When your prospective donor goes online, your IP-targeted ad begins appearing on the websites they visit. A few days later, they get your appeal letter.

Data from hundreds of thousands of IP-targeted campaigns show that combining IP targeting with direct mail appeals increases donations.

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