Jennifer Quartz

Account Executive

Jen Quartz

Since joining Haines Direct in 2008, Jennifer has initiated day-to-day contact with her clients and worked with the Haines Direct team to produce successful direct mail fundraising campaigns.

Jennifer provides strategic oversight of annual programs, the development of budgets, and analysis of campaign results. She also works with clients and team members to develop topics, themes, and issues for fundraising appeals.

Prior to joining Haines Direct, Jennifer spent 11 years as the operations manager for a tele-services company. She was responsible for all aspects of the business, including hiring and payroll.

On the client side, Jennifer has managed both nonprofit and commercial projects, guiding each assignment from initial strategy to campaign management and final results analysis.

Jennifer is a marathon in-line skater, as well as an active fundraiser and board member for SNAP – a nonprofit spay and neuter organization. She is also the treasurer for the Jackson Fast Pitch Softball Association.

Jennifer graduated from the University of Akron with a B.S. in Marketing and Advertising.

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