Client Referrals

Haines Direct Client Referral Program

The Haines Direct Client Referral Program rewards the companies and people who give us great word of mouth advertising.

If you’re a current client with Haines, and your referral leads us to our next paying client, you’ll get a one month free trial on some of our best products. It’s just our way of saying thank you for passing on the good word.

Your referral could get you one of these products, free for one month:

  • Branding/Awareness: The right rail ads on Facebook and a display campaign.
    • Estimated Value = $1,000
  • Driving Donations: A banner display ad with retargeting and a Facebook campaign.
    • Estimated Value = $1,200
  • Email Marketing: Email up to 1,000 existing donors for 1 month, with unlimited sends.
    • Estimated Value = $600
  • Direct Mail: A flat fee off your next mailing, depending on the size of the order.
    • Value = $100 – $500

Best of all, if you change positions or employers, you can take Haines with you. We pride ourselves on being able to grow donor bases and increase donor retention for many types of organizations. So if you find yourself at a new company that needs our help, your referral can still pay off.

Client Referral