Reputation Monitoring

The Internet allows one dissatisfied customer to share a bad experience—real or perceived—with millions of complete strangers

It’s been said that a happy customer tells three people and an unhappy one tells ten. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of websites on which anyone—customer, competitor, or disgruntled ex-employee—can write an anonymous comment or review about your business.

What’s more, search engines make these reviews or comments about your company as findable as your website.

Reputation Monitoring lets you know exactly what others are saying about you online, as soon as they say it. Our system scours the web for all mentions of your brand and notifies you via alerts and detailed reporting.

Don’t lose business because of a bad review. Contact us to track and improve your online reputation.

Marketing’s Changed. Are You Changing with It?

Companies used to be able to control what was said about their brand, because marketing and occurred through one-way channels like television, radio, and newspapers. And when customers complained, they did so over the telephone or at the store counter.

Today, consumers have a much greater impact your brand’s identity, because they broadcast their dissatisfaction across numerous social media and review sites.

You can pretend the Internet doesn’t exist, but consumers can still leave reviews about your business on websites you’ve never even heard of. And other consumers will read and believe those reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

Don’t Leave Your Reputation to Chance

The majority of consumers seek out reviews when researching purchase decisions. Our Reputation Monitoring service protects your online reputation by monitoring all social media, blogs and articles, online reviews, and local search rankings, then alerting you of a review or comment that requires your attention.

One bad review can cost you a new customer. If you aren’t monitoring your online reputation, you could be losing business without even realizing it. Don’t let that happen. Contact us today.

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