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January 19th


Miss the course? Don’t worry! We have a link to the entire recording here:

Recording: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/AlVAFq7_bGXU88XyYfumV_s0-2lzQJwFtDnGhd0J-VZ-YvIEc6VH4Lf3xZyvw34.sQlDkA_jjzGrShHn

Passcode: @j&zK5by

Summary of workshop:

You’re prospecting for new leads, building relationships, and finding innovative ways to reach new clients and grow your business.  Are you also making your website findable to prospects looking for the very service you offer?  This is the power of SEO.  And this SEO workshop won’t be your average workshop.

Join Katherine Romero, a digital marketing coach, as she walks you through the 3 steps you need to jump start your SEO traffic so you can reliably, consistently and predictably grow your business.  This will be a down-to-the-ground, actionable workshop where you will walk away knowing exactly what 3 things you need to do.  What you won’t walk away with?  Overwhelm, confusion, and a long to-do list of actions that you’ll never complete.  Bring something to take notes on and bring your questions – Katherine promises to stay on as long as it takes to answer all your burning SEO questions.

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