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Helping real estate agents find new leads

How Haines Criss+Cross Helps Realtors Find Leads

Haines Criss+Cross V4i is a property research and lead generation tool that helps Realtors, agents, and brokers find leads.

V4i’s searchable database contains detailed property information and homeowner data on every residential and commercial property in your market.

  • Find renters of single-family homes or apartment dwellers to target potential first time homebuyers
  • Identify owner-occupied properties or absentee owners
  • Search by subdivision, zip code, radius, and more

Haines V4i is designed for agents and brokers who want precise property and homeowner information to find qualified buyers and motivated sellers.

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The Property Research Tool for Real Estate Professionals

Search from hundreds of criteria about any properties in your county.

By entering specific search criteria (e.g., owner/resident, building information, site information, financial, and more), you can get details on a specific property or larger cluster of properties that meet your research, marketing, or service needs.

The property locations can be viewed on an on-screen map, and addresses of your selected properties can be printed on postcards, envelopes, and labels.

Grow Your Farm Area

There’s so much more you can do with V4i, we can’t list them all. But we’ll try…

  1. Find comparable properties that have recently sold
  2. Research For Sale by Owners and Expired listings
  3. Perform Radius Searches with requested sales dates
  4. Target specific subdivisions for Just Listed or Just Sold post cards
  5. Search on Out of State property owners by Tax Address
  6. Target upscale neighborhood renters as first time home buyers
  7. Identify investors that own five or more properties
  8. Print mailing labels, postcards and envelopes customized with your logo and images
  9. Create telemarketing lists that comply with Federal Do Not Call laws


Includes Cell Phones and Email Addresses

We’ve added cell phone numbers and email addresses to our searchable database of residences and businesses. Now you have even more ways to reach your target audience.

Coverage Area

V4i is available for hundreds of counties in Arizona, California, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington D.C. Request a free demo to learn more.

Better Business Bureau Accredited

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