Haines & Company, Inc.

Haines: A History of Service

For more than eight decades, the Haines name has been synonymous with innovative products and a strong commitment to finding solutions to meet the needs of our diverse customers.

From the beginning, Haines & Company has been devoted to helping businesses, nonprofit organizations and public entities reach their goals and receive a solid return on their investment.

Much has changed over the years, but our core beliefs as a family-owned company remain unchanged: working hard every day to contribute to the success of those who put their trust in us – from the smallest shop to the largest franchise.

Our Beginnings

Haines & Company was founded by William L. Haines in 1929 in Canton, Ohio. With offices located in the First National Bank Building and only a single employee, the company produced its first publication, the Stark County Legal News.

William L. Haines - Founder of Haines & Company

In 1930, Haines published the Ohio Auto Registration Directory (numerical listings of auto license numbers showing owner’s name and address, make and year of auto) for the State of Ohio.

In 1932, Haines began producing The Canton Shopping News and the first edition of the Haines Criss+Cross Directory, which was published for the city of Canton.

By 1938, Haines would devote its full attention to expanding the reach of its Criss+Cross Directory product, which grew to cover major cities across the country, including Atlanta, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Rochester, St. Louis, San Diego, San Francisco and others.

Today, Haines Criss+Cross Directories, in both print and on CD, are still a trusted information and marketing source for a wide range of customers.

Our real estate division serves many different industries with detailed residential and commercial property information on CD and online. Known as Criss+Cross Plus Real Estate, this product enables businesses to perform fast research and cost-effective desktop marketing.

Full-Service Direct Mail

Haines & Company established the Americalist division in 1970 to deliver one-stop, full-service direct mail services in-house, including business and consumer lists, graphic design, printing, lettershop and database maintenance.

In 2014, the Americalist name was officially changed to Haines Direct to better reflect our company heritage and our focus on serving our customers’ direct marketing needs. As Haines Direct, the company strives to provide the latest marketing technology, including variable data printing delivered from two in-house digital presses.

Haines Direct also includes our nonprofit fundraising division, which conducts complete direct mail appeals for healthcare causes, universities, animal welfare groups, youth organizations, hospital foundations, rescue missions, food pantries and others.

Yellow Pages and Local Marketing

Founded in 1993, Haines Local Search (formerly Haines Publishing) is our phone book/digital marketing division.

Haines Local Search publishes phone books throughout Ohio and New York, in addition to providing customers with websites, mobile sites, search optimization services, and a wealth of tools to help them increase revenue in their local markets.

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