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There are several ways HVAC companies can find more leads. The two strategies that best work for the HVAC market are referral and acquisition.

Referral – The referral strategy is tailored toward maximizing your relationships with your current customers. If you have satisfied customers, tailor a referral program where they are rewarded for recommending a lead.

Word of mouth is highly leveraged in the service industry. It’s more a matter of “who do you know who will do a good job and not rip me off” as opposed to doing research yourself and finding the best ROI.

Another way to leverage your current HVAC customers would be to market to homes surrounding those who you will be visiting soon. Say you have two HVAC jobs lined up next week, one on Maple St. and one on Main St. Wouldn’t it be nice to send a direct mailer to the neighbors surrounding your upcoming service jobs? These neighbors will not only see your truck on their street, but also receive a direct mail piece saying you are in the area and would love to give a free inspection or discount on a certain service. You are already in the area – might as well get as many jobs in as possible to increase revenue and cut transportation costs.

Here’s a video on how a targeted neighborhood mailing can be accomplished.

Acquisition – The acquisition strategy is tailored to market to people who have never heard of you before. Certainly you would love to reap the rewards of sending quarterly mailings to everyone in your market, but how much would that cost? Certainly you would be throwing money away by mailing to people who:

  • Have a newer home
  • Don’t own their own home
  • Just bought an HVAC system or have one on warranty
  • Live in a development/community with HVAC service packages

Make sure to develop your list to only target people who have the resources to buy. Here’s more information on what a typical HVAC customer looks like.

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