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In this episode we discuss demographics, the different types that exist, and how to target those demographics effectively. Episode 06 - Demographics

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Automated Emails

In this episode we discuss automated emails, these help our clients track direct mail information, when the mail has dropped, and on what streets. Episode 05 - Automated Emails

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Street Responder Lists

In this episode we discuss hyper local street level listings,this helps focus efforts to show where you can have the absolute best potential. Episode 04 - Street Level Responder Lists

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Fall Mail

In this episode we discuss fall mail and it's important, when it is sent out, and why using the slower time of year to do this is crucial. Episode 003 - Fall Mail

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Mid/End Year Reports

In this episode we discuss mid year and end year reports and why they are sent to you, when they are sent to you, and what information the reports provide. Episode 02 - Mid/End Year Reports

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Response Rates

In this episode we talk about the different response rates, implied leads, and how direct mail response rates and implied response rates are related. Episode 01 - Response Rates

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