CertaPro Products


Economy Package

Economy Letter

The economy package is a 8.5 X 11 letter with one of the envelope options below.

Oversize Package

Oversize Letter

The oversize package is a 8.5 X 14 letter with one of the envelope options below.

“We do Painting. You do Life.”

White We Do Painting
Gold We Do Painting

“Paint NOW. Pay Later.”

White Paint Now
Gold Paint Now


“We’re Painting in your Neighborhood”


Direct Mail Products

  • Envelopes – Can be in white or CertaGold, double window or closed face, with a special font available on the closed face version.
  • Door hangers – Our eye-catching door hangers are sure to keep your customers on the hook.
  • Letter Options – From oversize to economy- our letter options keep your customers engaged.

Direct Marketing Tools

  • Your Annual Report Card – What demographics or zips should you hit with your next mailing? This specialized report tells you everything.
  • Your Territory Profile – This detailed profile breaks down your zips codes so you can see what areas respond the best and which ones do not.
  • The CertaPro Analytical Database – This Haines-developed database gives exclusive further insight into the response patterns and buying behaviors of your past, present, and future customers.

Trigger Marketing Programs

  • First Contact Postcard – Mail all new residential leads a postcard welcoming them to CertaPro.
  • Pending Postcard – We can reach people who have received an estimate from you by mailing a “pending postcard.” Make contact with these prospects while their interest is still high.
  • Neighborhood Postcards – Why paint for just one customer, when you can paint their entire neighborhood? These postcards alert your customer’s neighbors that you’ll be in the neighborhood, and advise them how they can get in touch with you if they want you to come back.