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Haines has been developing innovative products and solutions for our diverse customer base since the company was founded by William L. Haines in 1929.

Haines’ first major innovation started in 1932, when first version of the Haines Criss+Cross Directory was published. A revolutionary resource – even today – Criss+Cross allowed businesses and nonprofits to cross-check addresses like never before.

In just the first five years of its publication, the Criss+Cross Directory covered major cities across the country, including Atlanta, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Rochester, St. Louis, San Diego, and San Francisco.

While Haines is known for the Criss+Cross directory, we are equally dedicated to developing inventive promotional products. Since 1970 Haines Direct – originally called ‘Americalist’ – has delivered one-stop, full-service direct mail services in-house – including business and consumer lists, graphic design, printing, letter shop, and database maintenance.

In addition to our valued partnership with CertaPro franchises, Haines Direct assists with direct mail appeals for healthcare causes, universities, animal welfare groups, youth organizations, hospital foundations, rescue missions, food pantries, and more. Working with such a wide range of companies means we are able to adapt to practically any job, any promotion, and any request you make.

Every day Haines Direct Services is trying to find the next new thing that will help us serve our customers better.

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