CertaPro Painters Direct Mail Program

When it comes to establishing your franchise, you can often feel like you are alone.  When you work with Haines Direct you gain the stability of a company that has provided nearly 90 years of great service.

We have worked with hundreds of franchisees – and have 15 + years’ experience working with CertaPro franchisees – Haines Direct is ready to make your franchise a success.

So what can Haines Direct Services do for you?



We understand the evolving role of direct mail beyond the traditional view of short-term spending.

  • We specialize in new lead generation among target consumer audience during peak seasons.
  • We anticipate having an evolving role with a long-term investment in your franchise.
  • We build brand recognition for future top-of-mind awareness while generating peak season leads among your target consumer audience.
  • We will review the best practices in direct mail strategy and execution that will turn your DM leads into quantifiable results.
  • We send out mailings that will be brand consistent.
  • We specialize in direct mail programs – like Trigger marketing programs – that can help further build your brand



We work one-on-one with you to build the right plan for your business.

  • We build a customized program adapted to your specific business needs. ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL.
  • We will review your mid-year and end of year reports with you to ensure that we are always mailing to the best possible list.
  • If you ever have a problem or need assistance, our fantastic customer service staff is always here to help.


We provide comprehensive reporting, for complete program transparency.

  • We will provide a mid-year and end of year report that will show how effective your direct mail campaign has been for yourself and how you compare to your region overall.
  • We provide you with the extensive data, analysis, and reports that our existing customers complement us on.


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“You have always been great about showing us what the data says and how to spend our money for better results. Our RR went up almost 2X!”

Nathan Marmor, Phoenix AZ

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