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Here’s how it works:

If your business needs better marketing or better sales, start in a power position by finding the right audience to target.

Our two products are the ultimate secret weapons in anyone’s marketing & sales arsenal. Haines Property Connect helps real estate agents, insurance agents, and others find precise property data. Haines Criss+Cross™ is an online database that finds prospects by age, income, credit score, and 297 other searchable data points. When you export phone numbers and emails from either product, you suddenly have a qualified list of potential customers.

However, we recognize that using our tools can take the time that businesses and individuals may not have. Therefore, we’re offering to do the work for you!

You give us details about the custom lists you’re looking to build and we’ll give you quotes on what generating those lists will cost.

Then you can fill your CRM or auto-dialer and get straight to work selling!

Here’s How We Use Haines to Generate Your Email Lists

Search for Renters

Target Renters as First-time Home Buyers

Residential Phone Numbers & Emails

Includes Phone Numbers for Homeowners & Renters

Targeted Map Searches

Find Prospects Using a Radius, Polygon, or Freeform Plot Search

Comparable Reports

Create Custom Comps to Seamlessly Email or Print with Your Personalized Branding

Insurance X Dates

Target by Policy Expiration Dates

Investor Data

Target Absentee Owners of Single-Family & Multi-unit Properties

Vehicle Information

Target by Make, Model, & Year of Vehicle

Detailed Property Reports

Including Sales History, Tax Information, & Property Characteristics

Detailed Mortgage Information

Loan Amount, Borrower, & Lender Details

New Mover File

Run Customer Reports Based on Recent Sales Dates

Want to Generate Email Lists On Your Own? Try Our Products!


Do you need detailed property data to target specific leads? Property Connect is right for you.

  • Custom list builder.

  • Phone numbers and emails.

  • Target investors.

  • Preview current & historical mortgage information.

  • Look-up multi-unit property information.

  • Run custom comparable reports.

  • Preview FEMA flood zones.

  • Search by subdivisions.

  • Preview most recent sales dates.

  • Visualize data with maps and easy-to-read displays.

  • Preview opportunity zones.

  • Conduct map searches by polygon, radius, or freehand.

  • Seamlessly export or email reports with personalized branding.


Do you need a substantial amount of reliable data to support your marketing and prospecting efforts? Criss Cross is right for you.

  • Custom list builder.

  • Phone numbers and emails.

  • Up to 300 searchable data points (age, income, & credit score).

  • Target around a recent jobsite.

  • Curate telemarketing lists and upload into a CRM or auto-dialer.

  • Search by vehicle make, model, & year.

  • Conduct map searches by polygon, radius, or freehand.

  • Target renters as first-time home buyers.


We have been using Haines Criss Cross for years! Its data is the lifeline of our prospecting to help us find new residential real estate listings and narrow down specific farm searches for targeted buyer searches. Their customer service and training is always helpful at answering questions and recommending new strategies. Would highly recommend it!

D.D. Castillo

Triolo Realty Group

I would recommend this to anyone involved in the real estate industry who wants access to a system that will help them in their business. We use Haines frequently and have for years. It’s a great database!

Lila Wohlwend

Clear Sky Realty

Haines had been a breath of fresh air! They have been amazing to work with over the last 20 years. I will always be a loyal client!


First National Title & Escrow

Why Choose Haines?

Haines is dedicated to providing the tools you need to be successful. Whether you need a custom email list or you want the tools to collect property & contact information yourself, we’ve got you covered.

Click below to chat with us about a custom email list and fuel your marketing & sales efforts today!